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Positional Statement: We believe that the deacons role is as a servant of the local church (Acts 6 and 1 Timothy 3).

Currently, fifteen men compose the Deacon body. Each man assists the Pastor and staff in the spiritual care of membership. Each serves as a servant to the entire church body. Two deacons serve as 'deacons of the week' assisting the Pastor and staff in ministering to the sick and to the hospitalized.

Our deacons provide spiritual leadership as they serve our membership. They lend guidance to our seniors with home repair issues. They are involved in the various ministries of the church and are active in the community. Each man serves throughout the year.

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In addition to the care provided by our deacon body for the entire membership, each deacon is assigned a group of families for more involved spiritual care. This is one of the more rewarding aspects of the overall deacon ministry to our church.

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Our deacons meet once monthly for planning their service ministry, prayer, and fellowship.